How to Dress Like a Pirate

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If you’re looking for something other than that stereotypical Wonder Woman costume and don’t feel quite up for sporting the Harley Quinn costume, a pirate costume might be the right choice for you. When it comes down to it, not everyone needs to wear superhero costumes. Some of us like to be a little more mischievous than that.

 You might end up being tempted to pull out that well-used Harry Potter costume, or, even if you’re thinking about going Hagrid this year, we might encourage trick-or-treaters and Halloween participants young and old to go the more classic route.

 Although the pirate costume is something that can be fairly easily pulled together after a trip or two to the second-hand store and maybe a few online shopping sessions. You can cobble together the Blackbeard look fairly easily. However, the pirate costume can also be easily fudged, especially if you’re new to the swashbuckling game. A pirate is not to be confused with anything steampunk-related, for instance. You also don’t want to go so Johnny Depp on everyone that you end up looking like a goth theater nerd straight out of high school.


Modest Pirate or Sexy Pirate?

 Pirate costumes are often those that get lumped in with sexy costumes, but you can still be conservative and pull off the pirate look, whether you’re gearing up for Halloween or just looking to look like the scourge of the seven seas year-round. Hey, we’re not judging over here -- it’s important that you do… you!


Pirate Duds for Your Consideration

 There are a few key clothing items that you’ll want to be sure to have in your repertoire. Don’t worry, the great thing about a pirate outfit is that you can repurpose it for other costume ideas -- Interview with the Vampire, anyone? When you invest in a pirate costume it won’t be something that only gets pulled out once a year.

 First, the hat will definitely help sell the look. A tricorn hat is the best bet, but you can also settle for a bicorn or small-brimmed hat, even a derby with hand-painted skull and crossbones will do the trick. You can opt for a clean look and go for the gentleman pirate look, or you can dirty it up and make it look like you’re a rough-and-tumble little sea scourge.

 Next, you’ll want to choose pirate pants that are airy and come down only to have the cuffs slipped into your pirate boots.

 A handmade belt buckle will also be a nice touch for a pirate costume, but just make sure that you don’t end up settling for a belt with a rodeo buckle or a medieval belt. You don’t want to be historically inaccurate, after all.

 Pirates were known to sail the seas during the Medieval and Renaissance times, into the Victorian era and beyond. The era of piracy in the Caribbean, for instance, began in the 1500s. This form of piracy phased out during the 1830s after certain nations’ navies began combating pirates.

 There are certain styles that are considered signature pirate. Crushed velvet, for instance, as well as clothing and accessories that make use of gold and gold coins. Also, those chest ruffles are a coveted pirate item that you should be on the lookout for year-round.

 What you will want to be on the lookout for is ending up looking like a gypsy or some sort of belly dancer. You will want to make sure that your blouse, your gaucho pants, your eye patch, your frock coat, and your velvet vest come together to create a pirate look that is all your own.


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