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When throwing a costume party, it’s a good idea to get specific. One surefire way to be specific is to select a certain theme for all of your party attendees to adhere to in lieu of allowing everyone to show up dressed however they like. Whether it’s mens costumes or womens costumes, it’s good to provide a little direction to your attendees.

 Providing your party guests with clear parameters will help partygoers get creative instead of leaving them in a state of analysis paralysis. Below, Kids Halloween Costumes & More goes over a few costume party theme ideas that will help inspire you for your next planned gathering.

Disney Costume Parties

Throwing a Disney themed party will be a real crowd pleaser and will also ensure that a good number of people show up to the party. Disney is a great choice for adult costumes as well as kids Halloween costumes.

 If you’re looking at Disney costumes for your themed party, you might consider something less run of the mill than something on the contemporary side. You could end up throwing an Alice in Wonderland-themed party and the possibilities will be endless. You can dress as Alice, the Queen of Hearts, or the Cheshire Cat. Alternatively, you or one of your attendees can dress in a Dark Mad Hatter Costume if you’re trying to set yourself apart from the rest of the noise.

 If you’re heading to an adult party but want to keep things G-rated, you can choose a Mickey Mouse Adult Costume that will surely be a crowd pleaser for adults and children alike.

Superhero / Comic Book Themed Parties

 A superhero or comic book themed costume party is sure to bring in the masses, and it’s important to make sure that your costume is on point, especially if you’re hosting the party. There are actually a ton of different variations of Harley Quinn Costumes, for instance, so you can choose the most original concept and roll with that.

 Those who are in the market for a Spiderman costume will also find several different options. Make sure to take a look at all the different options that are available in order to select the best costume for you. Pro tip: make sure to take a look at current weather conditions as lycra fabric isn’t so good at standing up to the elements.

 If you are considering picking up a Wonder Woman costume, there are many different variations here as well, whether you’re looking for the 1984 version or something more mainstream. Depending on your budget, the sky's the limit.

Movie Themed Parties

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? If you’re struggling to come up with a theme, you can always settle on a movie themed party. With this sort of option, you can go general or get as specific as you like. Maybe you’ll choose to keep it focused on 80s movie costumes. Or, you can get even more specific and select a specific movie. For instance, choosing a Harry Potter themed party will allow you to break out that Harry Potter costume that may or may not be gathering dust in the back of your closet.

 Another option might be a party with a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. You can go as Jack Sparrow himself or go more general and simply dress in a pirate costume. The world is your oyster!

 At the end of the day, you should try to have as much fun as possible and get as creative as possible when deciding on your theme for your next costume party. Costume parties are certainly not limited to Halloween seasons, either. You can throw a costume party any time of year, as a matter of fact. If you plan on throwing a themed costume party, visit Kids Halloween Costumes & More today. We have one of the largest selections of kids and adult Halloween costumes on the planet.

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