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Halloween Costume Wigs - Movie, Greek and Roman Mythology or Historical Characters

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of putting on a costume is the idea of inhabiting the life of somebody else, even if it’s just for one day or evening. One surefire way to look and feel like the character or person you are dressing as is to pair your outfit with an amazing wig. If you’re one of those folks who likes to stay in character for the entire costume party, making a wig a part of your costume is an easy way to inhabit your chosen character.

 As anyone on Saturday Night Live portraying someone other than themselves, wigs are an easy way to pull off a character as well as make your costume a real hit with the masses. Wigs are great for personal costumes as well as family Halloween costumes. Even if you’re planning on picking up a Harry Potter costume, the perfect wig will help make the perfect outfit.

 Below, Kids Halloween Costumes & More goes over a few wig options that will end up being the perfect addition to your costume.

Movie Costumes with Wigs

When it comes to the traditional costume party, movies are an easy way to get ideas for costumes, even if it’s outside of Halloween season. As a matter of fact, birthday costumes are often inspired by movies of the present as well as the past. Even if you’re planning a general pirate costume, a simple wig will help you pull off something specific and brilliant.

 One costume you might go for that incorporates a nifty wig is the Back to the Future Doc Brown costume. When it comes down to it, it’s very unlikely that anyone else at the party will think of going as the same character. Going Back to the Future with your costume, whether it’s Doc Brown or Marty McFly, represents an easy costume to pull off as well as a tremendously original option. If you choose Marty you might not even have to pick up a wig – but where’s the fun in that?

Greek and Roman Mythology Costumes and Wigs

Dressing as a mythological character or creature is another good way to incorporate a wig. You might choose to be Medusa and pick up a wig that features venomous snakes, which is pretty much the defining feature of this character. In this case, the wig is likely going to be the most important part of your costume.

 Another option might be an adult Hercules costume, which one might choose to pair with a robust curly hair wig. No matter if you’re planning something more understated or planning on putting together one of those more sexy costumes, a wig will add flavor to any outfit.

 If you’re feeling a little more on the saucy side, you might choose to purchase a feathered and flirty blonde wig that will surely accentuate just about any Halloween outfit or themed costume party getup you come up with. Many characters from Greek and Roman mythology had exquisite hair, so you can pair this sort of option with many different costume ideas.

Historical Character Costumes with Wigs

If you’d rather not dress as a character from mythology or from a popular or obscure movie, you might go to the pages of the history books to find new inspiration. Obviously, in this case you would not want to choose a Harry Potter costume, since that would be a fictional character. You can go with a pirate costume and say you’re Sir Francis Drake or Magellan, for instance.

 For our history buffs out there, the Marie Antoinette wig might be the perfect accessory for a crowd-pleasing costume. You could also choose a historical person from more recent times, such as Andy Warhol.

 When it comes down to it, utilizing a wig for any Halloween costume makes the experience more fun and you will be more likely to pull off whomever you choose to dress as more convincingly. However, not all Halloween and costume wig sources are created equal. Kids Halloween Costumes & More has a wide selection of wigs. We firmly believe that we have what you’re looking for, no matter what your costume idea is.

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