About Us

Our First Baby Costume
In 2012, my wife and I welcomed a baby boy into this world.  From about the time he could walk, he has spent so much of his time playing dress up and wearing costumes.  Whether he was dressing up as Olaf while out to dinner on a random Tuesday night or walking the mall as a firefighter during Black Friday Shopping, his love of costumes always added something special to most days.  His excitement to regularly surprise us with a new look, led us to starting a small business that we hope can bring the same joy to your family that it has ours.

Family Owned - Costumes For All Ages, Genders & Holidays
Our family owned business focuses on costumes and decorations for all ages and genders.  So, if you like to decorate for Halloween in August (like our son) or are just looking for something simple, we hope that our inventory of over 10,000 holiday & Halloween costumes, 3,500 exclusive looks, and 1,000’s more decorations will offer a little something for everyone. 

We are so proud to be an affiliate of HalloweenCostumes.com and source all of our great inventory through them.

It says Halloween in the name, but costumes can be year-round fun!