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Wearing a costume is certainly a good idea during Halloween, but there are also many occasions that happen year-round where you might be expected to dress-up. Whether you’d like to choose a crowd-pleasing costume that has mass appeal or go with something a little more original, it’s a good idea to know what’s being worn the most right now.

 Depending on a costume party’s theme, you might find anything from the traditional pirate costume to some of the more sexy costumes (especially if you’re attending or throwing a party where there are no kids allowed). At other types of parties, you might have to adhere to a particular theme, like a 70s party, for instance.

Below, we go over some of the more popular costumes, breaking them down and discussing the practicality of each, which will help you decide what your next costume is going to be.


Harley Quinn

The Harley Quinn costume is going to continue to be popular during Halloween and Comi-Con. Depending on the aesthetic, you might start with skin-tight pants or short shorts with a matching top and skin-tight jacket. Don’t forget the baseball bat!

 You’ll also want to make sure that your makeup is on point and that you have either the right hairstyle or an awesome wig to go with your costume. Harley Quinn is a fairly viable costume for just about any occasion, especially during Halloween and at various themed events and parties. Just make sure you stay on the lookout for Jokers.


Harry Potter

 Whether you liked the books or the movies better, a Harry Potter costume is likely to be something you’ll see during Halloween or if you decide to visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.

 First, let’s start with the basics. You’ll want to make sure your hair looks the part (and remember to pay special attention to that lightning bolt). Make sure you acquire a robe, a tie, and a scarf sporting Gryffindor colors. Harry Potter is a fairly viable costume -- the only issue is that it’s going to pretty much look the same across the board. There aren’t many opportunities to freestyle on this one.


Wonder Woman


The Wonder Woman costume is another popular choice that you’ll see at just about any costume party or comic book-related event. If you’d like for your costume to scream Girl Power, then this might be the choice for you. Whether you choose pants or shorts, that’s up to you. Lycra is a good choice for Wonder Woman, and you’ll want to make sure to accompany your outfit with a nice cape and a killer pair of knee-high boots.

 Don’t forget that headband, either, or your costume will be incomplete. The Wonder Woman costume is the type of costume that you won’t be able to double-dip with -- each costume item really can only be used in order to pull off the Wonder Woman look. You can expect to find more than a few of these due to the Wonder Woman franchise still running full steam ahead. If you’re looking for something a little more original, it might be better to go with something else.



 Spiderman is another popular costume that you’re bound to find during Halloween seasons as well as at any comic book-themed event. You might even see some devout Spidey-heads donning the costume before a big movie premier as well.

 The one drawback about wearing a Spiderman costume is that you’ll have to buy the costume as-is. Very few hands have the skill to pull off a convincing Spiderman costume utilizing DIY methods.

 The best way to be a good Spiderman is to shop around and find the outfit that you most like, whether it’s a more contemporary or vintage version. You’ll pretty much just be wearing a tight bodysuit and a skin-tight mask. Make sure that your breathability is good.

 Popular dress-up occasions include themed parties, Halloween events, as well as event conferences like Comic-Con -- which generally happens multiple times a year over multiple major US cities.

 At Kids Halloween Costumes & More we are here to help you come up with the best costume as well as source the most convincing costume items that have you pulling off any distinct look you’re trying to achieve.



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