10 Scary Kids Halloween Costumes

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Kids often enjoy going all in on the scary elements of Halloween and we have a large range of spooky, creepy, and downright disgusting costumes that will let them be your dark little angel while trick or treating.  Older kids and teens are more likely to want to embrace the scary side of Halloween and you should let them.  Some parents try and reign in their kids creativity especially when they are pushing the bounds on the gory elements of their costumes.  However, let them go for it. Halloween is once a year and of all days to be creepy and ghoulish it’s Halloween so embrace these years and let them be extra frightful with your kids Halloween costumes.


Scary Kids Halloween Costumes for Boys

  1. A pirate costume is a favorite of boys, but if you are a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies than you know that there are a lot of scry and creepy looking pirate characters to play off of. Get the Realistic Pirate Costume for boys and allow your imagination to go wild with adding undead make up and attach extra slimy, nasty creatures to the outfit.
  2. Teen Ghost Face Costume is the typical Scream movie look. An all black costume with a super stretched out scary mask is perfect for hiding around corners, behind bushes and jumping out in front of others to give them a scare on Halloween eve trick or treating adventures.
  3. The Teen Headless Boy Costume is a unique costume. With the child’s head in the middle of the outfit and a severed neck above in a black rob with a play machete knife this costume will catch eyes due to its strange set up and scary appeal.
  4. A Black Plague Doctor Mask is a scary sight when you are not expecting to see one. This is easy to create unique costume with an a dark colored overcoat to fit into the pandemic times of the past.
  5. Wearing a black jumpsuit paired with the Blood Tears Halloween II Mask is a super spooky sight to behold. This mask from the classic Halloween movies is recognizable but will still give the chills in those that gaze upon it.

Scary Kids Halloween Costumes for Girls

  1. The Tween Broken Doll Costume appears like a lovely doll that may just be a little ragged on the edges. With purple hair and crooked black hat and a partial face doll mask this allows your scary teen girl to add bloody makeup to the other side for extra effect.  A black and purple skirt and white leggings with cracks along give this costume the classic porcelain doll look.
  2. Tween Miss Reaper Costume for Girls is an excellent grim reaper outfit for teen girls. Equipped with the classic scythe for an accessory and the dark black cape with a hood this outfit is perfect for your little miss reaper for Halloween.
  3. A wonder woman costume isn’t something that you would immediately associate with a scary Halloween costume, but if your teen girl is great with makeup than she can take the Wonder Woman Teen Costume and be the super hero, but with a twist. A skeleton makeup instantly makes her a undead wonder woman, or an extra bloody facemask can be wonder woman after an extra brutal fight or even a car crash.
  4. Teen Killer Clown Costume – All black and white with a combination of stripes on one side and polka dots on the other this scary clown costumes comes with a play machete and a creepy mask too.
  5. A simple outfit using regular torn clothes and good make up allows your teen to be a zombie. Change her hair up with the Creepy Zombie mask and you can make a homemade zombie outfit look amazing in no time.

Have fun with a scary and spooky Halloween for your kids this year.  When in doubt you can always make a scary costume with the right accessories and make up so let your kid’s imagination run wild and embrace the darker side of Halloween costumes when they are at the appropriate age to enjoy.

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