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Going to an Easter Egg hunt is a popular tradition whether you are celebrating the religious holiday or just having some fun with friends and family in the backyard.  What kid doesn't like getting an opportunity to find sweet treats, chocolate, and candies hidden in eggs around the house and backyard.  With Easter right around the corner, here is a few of our favorite Easter themed costumes and if you want to reuse any special Easter outfits, they can always be duel purpose and be great kids Halloween costumes, later in the fall.


The following are a few of the most popular family Halloween costumes that will surprise the entire neighborhood on Easter.


  1. The Easter Adult Chocolate Bunny Mascot Costume. This unique costume is a special option.  Everyone loves getting a full size chocolate bunny on easter and this is an exact replica that is perfect for mom or dad to be wearing.  With big chocolatey fluffy ears this mascot style costume is brown chocolate from head to tow.
  2. The Mascot Easter Bunny Costume - Adult Bunny Costume is the classic Easter bunny mascot style costume for adults.  A head to toe costume with oversized feet and big head this is your classic complete Easter Bunny outfit.  There are two different color options: a similar costume, the Easter Bunny Mascot Costume comes in a grey with pink belly and ears versus the traditional all white. A giant carrot for an accessory and no one will question that you are the bunny hiding the treats for the kids.  If you are going to a fun afternoon at the park for an easter egg hunt or a private backyard gathering wearing this complete costume is sure to be a hit.
  3. Having a little fun with friends and everyone dressing up for Easter brunch, check out the Cuddle Bunny Costume for Women as an option for sexy costumes that fit the day. With its extra large fuzzy velveteen ears and little cottontail this cuddly and cute outfit will make you the cutest woodland creature of all the forest.  Whether wearing it for Halloween or Easter brunch it’s hard to compete with the cuteness of the oversized ears and soft plush pink top.  Paired with some pink leggings and you can choose how sexy to make this costume.
  4. Want an Easter themed costume, but really intend to use it for a Halloween costume.  The Lifeless Bunny Costume for Adults is the perfect choice.  An all grey costume bunny with floppy ears and full head piece with large crossed out eyes.  If your kids Halloween costumes plan incorporate them being a hunter then you can be their prize, with this lifeless bunny costume.
  5. And last but not least is the Little Spring Easter Bunny Costume.  It is always a good time on Easter dressing up the baby in the family as an adorable little bunny rabbit.  Giant pointy white ears and fluffy suit this outfit will keep your little one warm for the whole morning.  Whether you are taking them to a church service, going out for brunch, or just attending a friends and family backyard Easter egg hunt if you have a baby or a toddler consider one of these fun costumes for the holiday.


The White Rabbit Ears Hat is a great accessory for adding a little Easter flair to any other outfit.  Sometimes committing to the full bunny suit is a little too much especially if you live in a climate that will be very warm.  This simple accessory allows you to put it on like a hat and instantly play the role of the Easter bunny.


Have fun with Easter by dressing up and being the bunny out laying eggs filled with candies and chocolates.  Wearing an Easter themed costume may seem counterintuitive for Halloween, but you can guarantee that you are the only one so think about making it your kids Halloween costume if they want something different.  A few accessories and you can instantly have a roadkill bunny outfit that meets all of their scary and gory expectations for their Halloween costume.


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