St. Patrick’s Day Fun with Family Halloween Costumes

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Enjoying the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with family Halloween costumes is a fun activity for all.  Saint Patrick’s Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick is an Irish cultural and religious celebration held on March 17th and a special day that has been folded into American traditions due to the large number of Irish communities across the country.   An important part of the celebrations includes wearing green attire and or shamrocks making it something that everyone can participate in.  Whether you have a leprechaun kids Halloween costume for the little ones or something a little simpler everybody in the family can participate in dressing up a little or a whole lot on this holiday.

The following list includes the most popular St. Patrick’s Day costumes that are perfect for March 17th or an Irish themed event.

  1. The St. Patrick’s Day Tall Hat – This is a simple accessory that goes perfect with just any simple St. Paddy’s day casual outfit if you want to step it up a notch, but not wear a whole suit or anything too outlandish. All green with a bright green ribbon and gold buckle in the center.  The perfect accessory for a St. Patrick’s Day costume or the answer for that one family member that is not into doing the full family Halloween costumes theme this year.
  2. The St. Patrick’s Day suspenders, like the hat are a simple accessory that allows anyone to enjoy the holiday without going above and beyond the call of duty. Wear the suspenders at work to show your Irish pride or a simple wardrobe adjustment to still fit in with the rest of the gang that is celebrating the holiday.  These suspenders are green with white shamrocks, the three-leaf clover everyone thinks of for Saint Patrick’s Day.
  3. A Sexy Halloween costume that works on March 17th just as well is the Sexy Leprechaun costume. Have the luck of the Irish with this short green skirt with large Leprechaun style hate with a black belt and buckle. It comes with a pot of gold and matched with your favorite pair of leggings or stockings can be as sexy as you want to make it.
  4. The Toddler’s Leprechaun outfit is perfect for your younger to enjoy this special day. With black and green stripped pants, a white vest and black coat and green bow tie and a black Leprechaun hat to top it off.  This is the right outfit for your young boy to have fun looking for a pot of gold all day long.
  5. The Short Bob Lime Green wig is a great accessory for a teen girl that needs to participate in the family Halloween costumes for St. Patrick’s Day but is less enthused about the whole affair. This bright green hair instantly says Saint Patrick’s, but allows your teen to wear whatever clothes and style that fits them that day, no need to push the envelope too far with making everyone join in with a full Leprechaun costume.
  6. Last in this list but certainly not the least popular of the St. Paddy’s costumes is the Green Four-Leaf Clover. A simple outfit that instantly says I got the luck of the Irish with me.  A large wearable green four-leaf clover.

We hope you have fun dressing up with the family for St. Patrick’s Day and all the rest of the holidays throughout the year.  While we specialize in kids Halloween Costumes and outfits for the whole family, there are countless days throughout the year that are fun to dress up and don a special costume.  Enjoy your favorite holidays with a costume that fits the special day and let your imagination run wild and have fun with your kids.

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