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Everybody knows that it’s about time to pick up a costume when the month of October comes upon us. However, there are a variety of additional occasions where wearing a costume is not only the norm, but perhaps even required.

 Below, we go over some of those occasions where you may have to dress up, as well as a few helpful tips for picking up the perfect costume that pulls off the perfect look for you.


Whether you hit up San Diego for Comic-Con or any of the other places that end up having an all things comic book extravaganza, you’re going to look out of place if you don’t show up sporting one of your favorite superhero costumes.

 Common costumes worn at Comic-Con include the famous Wonder Woman costume, Spiderman costume, the incendiary Harley Quinn Costume, and, at Comic-Con, some folks will even go off on tangents like dressing up in a Harry Potter costume. Some people just can’t resist working in their non-comic-book-related costumes, although Harry Potter does exist in the realm of fantasy, which many comic book lovers will be able to relate to.

Masquerade Balls

Masquerade balls are common events where fancy attire and a decorative mask are generally required and worn by both men and women, adding an air of mystery to an elegant evening. At masquerade balls you will often find society’s elite looking to rub shoulders with other important people.

 You generally won’t find sexy costumes at masquerade balls due to the fact that these events are often formal, although one day you might be invited to one that doesn’t have the same sort of rules (wink, wink).

 But why the masks, though? Masquerade balls are meant to be a sort of game where guessing who the guests are becomes the order of the evening. If you attend a masquerade ball it’s probably more fun to keep your identity a secret and to keep people guessing, which requires a cool mask, and possibly even a convincing accent.

Burning Man

Burning Man is a cultural event held every year in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada where people come from all over the world to create an exciting makeshift town where everybody parties their pants off… some even literally.

 At Burning Man pretty much anything goes, so you can bust out that pirate costume that has been gathering dust in your closet and it will find new life at Burning Man, although you might want to add some sparkles and be sure to carry plenty of glow sticks as well.

 Even though Burning Man is widely known for adult debauchery, there is also an element that is available for kids to enjoy. Many families travel to Burning Man, making good use of old Halloween costumes for kids, baby Halloween costumes, as well family Halloween costumes, which are recycled into new Burning Man costumes or even repurposed and sold by vendors who sell their wares at the festival.

Movie Premiers

When a big franchise movie premiers (think Star Wars, The Avengers, etc.) you will often find fans showing up hours or even days early, camping out, and wearing costumes related to the movie in question. If you’re attending a Star Wars premier you might wear a Boba Fett costume, or maybe a throwback Princess Leia, or even Darth Vader (or, for younger folks, maybe a Kylo Ren costume).

 You will be able to point out the more dedicated fans by the scope and scale of their costumes. You’ll be able to tell very quickly who is dedicated to their fandom versus those who phoned in their costume.

 Basically, what we’re trying to say is, people like dressing up in costumes, and they like doing it more than once per year. The idea that a person only breaks out a costume on Hallow’s Even is a thing of the past. More and more events out there are attracting people by requiring a costume in order to attend, which makes just about any event ten times more fun.

 This means that it’s important to have a variety of costume options if you’re planning on hitting up any events such as the ones mentioned above. Visit Kids Halloween Costumes & More to check out the latest deals and the latest looks for Halloween… and beyond!

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