Women's Plus Size Solid Pink Tights

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Think Pink!We think that pink is a really fun color. People often associate it with playfulness, romance, and sweetness. That makes it an exciting color to wear! You can also evoke different moods depending on which shade you choose. Some people like to wear a light, pastel pink, which seems to be on the calmer side of the spectrum, while hot pink is bolder and livelier. While we do enjoy a sweet moment, sometimes it's fun to add something extra vibrant to your outfit. If you're a fan of hot pink, we have something you might like!Product DetailsThese Plus Size Solid Pink Tights are just what you need to add a splash of color to your outfit! Wear them under shorts, a skirt, or a bodysuit for a pop star costume or to complete an 80s look. They could also go with a variety of animal costumes, such as a flamingo, a unicorn, or different types of sea life. Add these tights to your wardrobe if you enjoy this vibrant color and you'll have plenty of options!Lively LegwearIf you're looking for some excitement in your wardrobe or costume, you might like these Plus Size Solid Pink Tights. They're sure to add some color whenever you need it!

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