Women's Plus Size Nurse Heartbreaker Costume 2X

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Hey you, quick! There's a thespian with a broken leg in back. To your right, a gentleman who, before passing out, mumbled something about getting hit with an arrow. Where are your tools? Where are your scrubs?!Oh, sorry. We thought a nurse's job was to help mend hearts, not to break them, but maybe we were misinformed. Regardless, you better be prepared for a night at the ER in this costume, because youΓÇÖll be stopping them, well-meaning or not, left and right! Team up with a doctor friend and start a practice by the bar. You'll have the whole party lining up for a round of flu shotsΓÇöas long as it means a minute with you two!This sassy costume single-handedly allows students of nursing to bypass the books and get right to the fun stuff: bedside care and comfort. Accessorizing appropriately is key here. Choose carefully andΓÇödepending on your intentions, of courseΓÇöyouΓÇÖll be ready to give everyone the proper treatment. A stethoscope will send a message of care, whereas an oversized syringe might imply a more sinister nursing style, especially with some well-placed fake blood and dark makeup! Snag a pair of white gloves and some fishnets or white stockings to complete this spunky costume. With all your tools in line, youΓÇÖll be ready to give everyoneΓÇöor maybe a special someoneΓÇöthe most hospitable Halloween experience they ever could've imagined!

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