Wonder Hero Boots for Women

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A pair of shoes can really tell people a lot about who you are. A pair of black flats let the world know that you love a classic look. A pair of sneakers shows people that you like to be comfortable and active. A set of smoking red heels tells the world that you like to live life a little bit dangerously. These women's hero boots? Well, they let the everyone know that you're about to kick some bad guy butt, so they had better beware!These Wonder Hero boots help you create an iconic superhero style. The have metallic red coloring, along with gold accents along the top and front of the boot. They go perfectly with many of our women's superhero costumes and they should help you stomp out crime with their shiny and tall fit. Just pair it up with a golden lasso, some of our golden bracers and then you too can finally begin your career as a superhero.

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