Women's Cleopatra Pantsuit  Costume

Women's Cleopatra Pantsuit Costume

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Ready to RuleTime to rule Egypt! Now that you're queen, we better start getting everything in order. The first thing you'll want to do, of course, is to update your wardrobe. A ruler shouldn't be defined by what she wears, but we do want to inspire the devotion of millions of subjects. So, we'll want to have you looking sharp! Luckily, our costume design crew knows a thing or two about fashion, and they've even been known to dabble in couture selections of antiquity. So, we're happy to let you know we've got this Plus Size Cleopatra Pantsuit Costume as one of our top new designs. This stunning number eschews the typical Cleopatra dress for an option that's comfortable, functional, and still plenty sexy. Pants!Product DetailsThe Women's Cleopatra Costume is a Made by Us garment so you can be sure that the fabrics, prints, and fit are going to be the best you'll find online. In Women's Plus, this costume comes with a crisp, white jumpsuit that features a stylish high waist and a cascading metallic gold mesh sash that drapes down in the front and the back. The attached collar fastens around the neck and the matching belt around the waist. Each feature printed Egyptian inspired artwork. Finally, the asp headband along with wrist and upper armbands add an extra dose of gilded splendor.Who's the boss?There's no doubt about it, when you suit up in this Plus Size Cleopatra Costume, you'll be the top boss of Egypt and all you see. Up to you, but we'd suggest ruling with a fair and wise hand. It's the best way to keep your subjects in line. And also, feel free to party on the weekends. You deserve it, and with an outfit like this, it's hard to see how you won't be!

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