Undersea Mermaid Costume for Plus Size Women

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You Were Mermaid for ThisOkay, it's time to talk about how a certain red-haired mermaid got it all wrong. Feet are old news. We all want to go sea-exploring. Think of all the buried treasure we could find. We would get to go swimming with dolphins. Even if just one of the fish down there sings we'd pretty excited to see that magical concert. Let's face it, we're taken with the idea of being a mermaid.We can't stop imagining lounging on the beach and spending our days in leisurely pursuits. it could be fun to lure in ships of explorers with our musical voices, maybe they'd let us join their deck-parties. Yeah, the life of a mermaid sounds pretty good, but we're not about to go find a sea-witch to help make it happen. We've seen what happens, and it's not worth the drama. We're looking for just the fun, relaxing part of mermaid life.Design & DetailsDon't go diving into the ocean for a risky mermaid-making potion, we've got an easier way to turn you into a mermaid. This Women's Plus Size Undersea Mermaid Costume is a Made by Us exclusive and the best way to become your favorite mythical creature.You'll be comfortable and trendy in the fitted, stretch-knit fabric tank top with its adjustable shoulder straps and decorative ruffle neck-line. The full-length mermaid-cut skirt is fitted around the hips and thighs to create a classic mermaid silhouette. You'll finish off the look with the included starfish hair clip, a perfect accessory for any mermaid.Make a SplashThere are so many stories surrounding mermaids that we can't decide which one is our favorite. Mermaids can be sweet, adventurous, mysterious, even dark and quite frightening. No matter how we see them it's impossible to deny their allure. So whether you're going to add a bit of spook to your mermaid costume or keep it bright and family-friendly, this Undersea Mermaid Costume has you ready to make a splash this Halloween.

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