Traditional Maid Plus Size Costume for Women 1X 2X

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When is the last time you polished your staircase? No, not swept or even mopped, polished. In a grand manor it would be expected that you would be able to see your embarrassed expression if you slipped on the polished marble steps. Next time you're daydreaming about living in a beautiful Edwardian manor straight from a Jane Austin novel think about all the hard labor that went into it. No, not for those glove wearing ladies and gents, for those twenty house servants that worked about thirteen hours a day. While it would be nice to get room and board with your salary we'd have a hard time getting paid only sixteen pounds a year. Yeah, that's right. Thirteen hours a day for a little over a pound a month. Those maids had a lot of gumption. They would get up before the sun rose, started the fires in the main rooms to warm them up for the spoiled occupants, then started on their excruciating cleaning regiment. After all, the dukes and duchesses couldn't enter through the dramatic double doors, climb the shiny grand staircase, and enter their multi-roomed suite only to find some dust on the bedroom mantle. That simply wouldn't do! You might not have Edwardian maid aspirations but you can still wear the traditional black and white maid uniform. After you dress up for that costume party you can use this costume as a ghost of that maid to convince the occupant of a manor to leave so you can get a good price on a kingly estate, they're hard to come by these days! You'll look the part with the full length black dress, tidy eyelet lace trimmed apron, and the ruffled cap. We won't even expect you to stoke the twenty fires before seven in the morning, we've got central heating these days.

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