Toddler Happy Penguin Costume

Toddler Happy Penguin Costume

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Now, if you have plans to travel far to the southernmost continent of Antarctica and visit some seriously cold environments, you better be prepared to speak the language of the locals.  You’d think that the place is uninhabited but you would be wrong!  The entire place is actually an empire and there are some protocols that must be observed.


First, make sure that you recognize the liege in charge.  He’ll likely be the biggest there and dressed in his finest penguin suit.  You’ll recognize his empress by the delightful stone that he will waddle over to her and place on her feet.  It’s truly a magical moment.  Wait… you look confused.  Oh, of course.  We’re talking about penguins.  Literally.  Emperor penguins.  They rule with a mighty fin and some pretty epic dance moves, too!


In fact, you should probably have an emissary go with you.  Someone that knows the giddy and happy language by nature.  We would recommend your kiddo.  But, make sure that they’re dressed up in formal attire!  We’ve got this spectacular Toddler Happy Penguin costume that will do the court of Antarctica justice.  This black and white bodysuit has a back zipper for easy wear and hand openings in the wing shaped sleeves in case anything needs to be done with the hands… like passing cute stones.  Slippers and a pullover hood complete the look, but the penguin manners are all your tyke’s!  Fortunately, we do make the suit available in multiple sizes, so if you’re able to learn all the appropriate mannerisms, the whole family can be happy penguins together.  What could be better!?

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