Toddler Glinda the Good Witch Costume

Toddler Glinda the Good Witch Costume

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When Dorothy first came to visit on her tornado-powered motorhome… though we’re pretty sure that the zoning board of Kansas did not approve the farmhouse for trans-world flight… things were a bit chaotic for the girl.  Now, nobody expects to show up and instantly be identified as a witch just for accidentally squashing a green-skinned baddie from the other side of the tracks, but when something like that happens, it is important that you have the right guide to assist you with your next steps.


That’s where the delightful Glinda comes onto the scene.  Her quick explanation that the world consists of adorable and beautiful good witches and a couple foul tempered hideous ones lets Dorothy know for sure that she doesn’t want to be a bad witch… even though she doesn’t really have the power to be a good one, either!  But, that’s why Glinda is here to make sure that the Kansas gal knows what she can do to help set the world right.

But, the adorable qualities of your youngster are plenty powerful enough to help her show off some of her own magic with this Toddler Glinda the Good Witch costume.  The polyester and organza dress is going to look amazing.  Pink satin and glitter spangled organza overlays make the dress look purely magical while the foam butterflies and pink plastic crown demonstrate that Glinda is where the good really is!  Accessorize further with a Glinda wand and clear plastic shoes and your little one will be casting pure magic for all to see.

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