Terrifying Tree Costume for Adults

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YOU'RE BARKING UP THE WRONG ONESome trees want to be admired. In summer, their lush, green leaves shield people from the sun's harsh rays and in fall, they change color to make us stop and say, "oh my, what pretty leaves on that tree." Trees shroud us in shade and release oxygen, purifying the air to make it safe for us. They're like bark-covered guardian angels on earth. Well, at least most trees are. This tree, eh not so much. This tree doesn't desire any attention. It doesn't need to be coddled or pampered and it definitely doesn't want anyone seeking shelter underneath its sparse leaves. This tree wants to be left alone on the fringes of the forest. This tree wants peace. Deforestation is a serious issue in this country and unless you want a stern lecture on the importance of the environment's vegetation and plant life, we suggest you don't go barking up this tree. This tree will teach you a thing or two because this tree only sprouts knowledge! PRODUCT DETAILSWear the adult terrifying tree costume and spit the hard tree-facts people need to hear. (One and a half acres of forest is cut down every second, people!) The Made by Us costume is high-quality and comes with everything needed for your tree-ansformation. The hooded tunic has an all-over bark print and once your head is situated in the head-hole, you'll see everything clearly. The gloves have faux-leaves attached to the fingertips, created create the perfect green detail. MAKE LIKE A TREE...And leave! Just kidding, don't leave! Make like a tree and find your roots, now that's more like it! Do whatever you want to do in an adult terrifying tree costume. Here's a not-so-terrifying tip: instead of candy, stock up on apples and hand those out.

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