Sexy Nurse Costume

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Doctors may get all the glory in the non-stop thrill ride of hospital work, but everyone knows it's the nurses who do all the dirty work. And while the docs are stuck wearing stuffy lab coats and neckties, nurses get to strut around in sexy outfits like this Retro Nurse Costume, and trust us, this sweet and sassy style is much more fun to wear to parties!This may be hard to believe, but we're writers, not medical professionals. And since we couldn't tell the difference between a spleen and a scapula if our lives depended on it (at least, not without Googling it first), we don't want to make it sound like nurses or doctors are better or worse than one another. However, this vintage health care costume will definitely make you more popular with party guests than any fancy M.D.s! But keep in mind that when you show up to a Halloween party in this dress, you're not just there to look hot; you have a duty to keep an eye on the party's vital signs and make sure it stays going strong. You'll also have the perfect excuse to say "Stat!" after everything you say!While this sterile looking dress and cap set doesn't make you a licensed nurse practitioner, it does make you look incredibly sexy, which has been known to cure many ailments of its own (especially broken hearts, which you can check with the stethoscope accessory). Add a pair of heels to complete this seductive look, and start making your rounds at the party. Stat!

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