Ravishing Queen of Hearts Costume for Girl's

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IT'S JUST UNFAIR!The universe tries its best to keep things generally balanced. On that glorious triangle of reward, folks are generally accepted as only being able to be rich, beautiful, or young. If they're lucky, maybe they can have two of those. And, even then, they can only have both in some kind of moderation. It's the rule. The universe commands it. So, when the Queen of Hearts shows up and manages to be a couple of those to such an extreme? Well. That's not quite fair!But, rumors have abounded that a new Queen of Hearts has come to Wonderland. And she's totally cheating! A youngster with neverending energy. Lovely as the day is long. And, well, queen... so, obviously, she's got all sorts of servants to make sure that she's got everything she could ever want. That's all three. The worst part is that she's the Queen of Hearts. Who knows if she's going to have the same "off with their heads" mentality as the last one! DESIGN & DETAILSHelp us figure out what universe we live in by getting to the heart of the matter when you crown your little princess with this Ravishing Queen of Hearts Costume. Our costume designers have worked their fingers to nubs making sure that this look is high-quality and high-class. The whole ensemble is a lovely blend of black and white, ruby red, and glittering gold. The hoop skirt has the Queen's iconic checkerboard pattern with heart appliques and is accentuated by the exquisite bodice and tulle overlay. The crown is stiff lace and velvet on a headband to complete this royally lovely look.EXQUISITE PERFECTIONYour lovely queen is going to be the embodiment of majesty in this Queen of Hearts costume for girls and you might even enjoy feeling like her subject... so long as it doesn't go to her head and she starts demanding yours, of course!

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