Queen of Hearts Women's  Tights

Queen of Hearts Women's Tights

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Queen of StyleThe Queen of Spades is known for her unimaginable power. The Queen of Clubs is known for her unrivaled work ethic. The Queen of Diamonds is known for her uncountable riches. When you're the Queen of Hearts, what will everyone know you for? We think it will be for the unbelievable amount of love you have to give. Then again, it could also be for how much you love fashionable clothing like these Queen of Hearts Tights!They say it's good to be king, but we have a feeling it's even better to be queen. You get to hang out around the castle while the servants take care of everything. No cooking, no cleaning, just a life of luxury. Sign us up! If you want to go out this Halloween as royalty, we would suggest the Queen of Hearts. We know you'll absolutely love it! Product DetailsThese black tights are made with nylon and spandex materials. Each leg is covered from top to bottom in adorable red hearts. They are made in one size that should easily fit anyone between 5'0 and 5'10 . Heartfelt Fashion Wear your heart on your legs this Halloween. Rule the costume parties in style and comfort in these tights.

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