Plus Size  Westward Pioneer Women's Costume

Plus Size Westward Pioneer Women's Costume

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Circle your wagons!Have you ever dreamed about what it'd be like to forge into uncharted territory along the Oregon Trail? Maybe as you whiz down the freeway, you feel like modern life is just too fast-paced. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by all the choices a modern woman has about just about everything, from 20 different types of bread at the supermarket to a closet crammed full of clothes that you haven't even worn in the last year. Well, we can guarantee you that you'll have more time to stop and smell the roses if you join our latest tour of the Great Oregon Trail!This all-expenses-paid tour includes everything you'll need: your very own covered wagon, six oxen, tools, medical supplies, food and, of course, plenty of lard! It lasts about four months, and it includes stops such as historic Fort Laramie and Fort Bridger. Besides being interesting slices of history, these sites also offer ample shopping opportunities for souvenirs! We'll also stop at beautiful Independence Rock, one of the most famous natural landmarks along the way, and Soda Springs. There will also be plenty of fun activities planned en route, such as gathering buffalo chips for your nightly fire and washing your laundry in a nearby river. Delicious nightly meals will range from beans to cornmeal biscuits to more beans. Now all you need is the right clothes, and you'll be ready for the time of your life!Product detailsPrepare for your very own pioneer adventure with this Women's Plus Size Westward Pioneer Costume. The exclusive costume is 100 percent polyester, which we admit wasn't invented until about 100 years after the Oregon Trail period, but it still looks authentic, and honestly, it's a lot more comfortable. The long-sleeved shirt features a collar, buttons down the front and trim along the front and sleeve cuffs, as well as a zipper on the back for easy wear. The floor-length brown skirt also has a zipper in the back for the same reason.Westward, ho!With this costume, you'll be ready to bump along in your own covered wagon and have a bona fide western adventure, or maybe just throw a pioneer-themed costume party. Either way, you'll be set!

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