Plus Size Munchkin Costume

Plus Size Munchkin Costume

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When Dorothy first popped down to the Land of Oz in her tornado-powered house… boat… she met a whole bunch of interesting people.  The Munchkins!  Now, it’s pretty easy to take a look at the collective and make a few large assumptions about the type of people that she was dealing with.  Most criminally, of course, would be to assume that they’re all the same.  The thing that we hardly noticed in the first visit is how extensive their guild structure is!  Between the Lollipop Guild and Lullaby League, we thought we knew them all, but they have two military branches!  They’re quite a bit bigger than we thought.


So, it should come to no surprise that there are several munchkin residents living in the esteemed upper class of the Emerald City, too.  It isn’t all high—and, by that, we mean tall—nobility.  Munchkins fit in just perfectly, too, so long as they are fitted well with their bright green garb that shows their welcome status, that is.


And, it is time for you to show your emerald tunes, too, thanks to this Munchkin  costume.  This green button up shirt and white collar will give you the distinctive edge you need to fit in well amidst the Emerald society.  Matching waistband shorts are important because, as you’d expect, high class folks do wear pants!  Green and white stripped socks made for a grand inclusion.  We might recommend a few other accessories to really pave the way to your look.  A vivid emerald colored wig or top hat, for example, might do the thing.  Just don’t go too green or folks will be chasing you down for gold and that’s a mess we just don’t need!

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