Plus Size Brown Monk Robe 2X Costume

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Are you ready to take your vows and move into a monastery? No? That's fine, there's no need when you don these holy robes. You can try out the lifestyle with no commitment. The life of a monk wasn't typically plush but it was far from the hardest vocation in the Medieval era. In fact, there are some things about a monk's life we wish we could take to the modern era.Monks were encouraged to engage in mentally stimulating pursuits. They were some of the only literate people of the era, spending hours illuminating historical and religious documents. They perfected the art of pretzel making, unfortunately, there's no evidence as to whether they figured out how to make that addictive neon orange dipping cheese. For forty days out of the year monks basically lived on beer, which doesn't sound like a raw deal. The life of a monk doesn't sound too bad, even by today's standards. There are plenty of famous monks to emulate. You could go the legendary and subversive route and choose the role of Friar Tuck, good buddy to Robin Hood, and secret enemy of the throne. If you're an animal lover you could always dress up as the lovable Saint Francis. Don the robes and prepare to take some great selfies with your cat.If you feel like there aren't enough career opportunities that include drawing by candlelight and group chanting these days, channel that energy into this year's costume. You'll get into it as you swing incense on a chain or hide enemies of the state in your meager chambers. All you have to do is vow to have fun with it.

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