Midnight Violet Witch Women's  Costume

Midnight Violet Witch Women's Costume

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A Modern WitchBeing a modern, 2020s witch doesn't need to be anything like past witch predecessors. What worked for them, worked for them, but we're in a new era of bewitching, hexing, and jinxes. We're talking less "double, double, toil and trouble" and more like smartphone apps, chic style, and fun on the town. Why go through all of the trouble of boiling frog eyes and slicing salamander tails when you can just go shopping at the mall and pick up everything you need!So, you're definitely going to want to be the ultramodern witch you were meant to be. You're probably even going to want a brand new outfit to show off your sophisticated witchy ways, and we're happy to give you a hand. Because we've curated this fantastic Women's Midnight Violet Witch Costume. And we think it's going to be a great fit for you!Product DetailsThis stunning Purple Midnight Witch costume is the choice that will have you standing out as a witch who knows a thing or two about fashion. Designed as a glitter bodysuit, it has lots of extra embellishments for a premium finish. It has a lace-up in the center front accented with elegant gold trim. It laces up through metal grommets affixed to vinyl edging, and a vinyl collar adds extra accent. Lace shoulders and sleeves are simply lovely and feature a cutout shoulder design for an edgy touch. An attached bustle flows in the back from below the waist with layered mesh and tulle. The vinyl belt secures above it around the waist. Just slip on the matching hat, and you'll be ready to dabble in modern witchcraft. It features a pointed tip, a band with buckle, and a mesh veil that hangs down in the back.Make a classic your ownPut a new twist on a classic Halloween theme when you choose this Midnight Violet Witch Costume. It wouldn't be a bad idea to hone in on a couple of quick and easy spells for your costume occasion, so get to studying while you wait for your shipment to arrive!

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