Medieval Warrior Costume for Girls

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THE LEGEND OF AUTUMNThe story begins in a mountain village. She might have grown up to be a normal citizen. She had aspirations for stories and legends. She spent all her time reading books, imagining the adventures, and even writing a few of them, herself. But, just like the stories she loved, the call of the hero came. The world was in danger and she had to stand up and wield a blade of light to defend the helpless against a shadowy darkness: Crystalfire, the dragon!She knew from the tales what needed to happen. She would need to train and get ready for a fight. There would need to be a little bit of magic at work, but she was bright and knew that she'd figure that out. What a surprise that dragon was going to have. But, she needed to keep that magic a secret. So, she came up with the greatest trick of all. She would have to find the right armor, too. Who would expect an armored knight who could also wield magic!? DESIGN & DETAILSOur legendary smiths have been in awe of your little one for generations, just waiting for the time that she'd need this exclusive Medieval Warrior Costume. And, now it is time! Your little knight will feel powerful in this rich, blue, long-sleeved velvet dress and its black lace detailing along the hem. Accented by a dark underlayer and silver ribbon, this is a look of majestic nobility... but it gets even better thanks to the silver, foam-backed armor plates around the shoulder, torso, and fitted as gloves! TIME TO FINISH THE TALEWe all know how the tale of the mightiest medieval warrior of all time began, but we're just dying to hear how it ends! Help your mighty warrior create their own story and watch it unfold when they are geared up in this high-quality noble warrior look. (And, don't worry: if you get too jealous of the fun, we've got something for you, too!)

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