Kids Dignified White Rabbit Costume

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Worrisome Time-KeepingIt's not typically the children in the family that keep everyone on time, but you seem to have raised a child with an awareness of time that is hard to match. Every morning they're up with the first alarm and out of the bathroom before the next person has hit their own snooze button. You've never had to remind them to get their socks and shoes on when it's time to go. If anyone is behind schedule your punctual kiddo is the one that helps get them prepped for departure. Even with your child's dedication to punctuality, it seems like there's hardly a time the family makes an appointment early. You've tried to calm their stress by showing them you've made it on time (to the minute) but their constant refrain of "I'm late! I'm late!" won't be quieted. All of their unnecessary worry has got you wondering if they maybe spent a little too much time studying Alice In Wonderland for their last school project.Design & DetailsLet your kiddo embrace their punctual nature by becoming the White Rabbit. With this Made By Us exclusive, they'll have everything they need to take on the character's classic looks, including his tall rabbit ears and soft white fur. Your child will be ready for any event dressed in the White Rabbit's tailored ensemble. The satin vest, fit for even a visit to the Queen of Hearts, is made with an all-over heart-printed satin and complemented with an attached blue bow-tie. A red, velvet tailcoat polishes the costume and will have your kiddo looking perfectly dignified even if they do show up late.Fashionably LateWe could all take a page out of the White Rabbit's book. He may constantly be worried about arriving late to his appointments, but he always looks incredible. With this Dignified White Rabbit Costume, your kiddo will be fashionable even if they're late for their next costume party.

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