Hippie Hottie Women's Costume

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There's No Age Like New AgeAhh, there's nothing like the smell of Nag Champa in the air in the morning. The sun is shining, the Grateful Dead is playing, and you're reliving an era that you've always thought you were meant to live in. You know what that means. Showers are no longer your friend, instead, you apply a little patchouli and go back to communing with nature. You spend your time traveling in a VW camper van, searching for your tribe. Music, color, and experience are the spice of life and there's no way you're going to let any minute or hour go down bland. Are you ready to dive into the age of Aquarius? The summer of love? The dawning of a new day? Slip into this tie-dyed number and you'll be one step closer to having that hippy lifestyle you've always wanted!Product DetailsSlipping into the counter-culture is easier than ever before! Just slip this tank dress over your head and layer the fringed faux suede vest over top for a far-out look. The tie-dye headband ties around your head to complement any style of hair. Top off this look with the colorful buttons, arm-band, necklace, and the wire-rimmed blue-tinted sunglasses. And if you're planning on showering instead of layering patchouli over your natural scent, we promise not to judge cause your hippy look is right on the money!What the World Needs NowAre you ready to spread the message of peace and love? There's no message that's better! The costume lets you relax and take it easy no matter what might be happening around you. That being said it's a great look for Halloween costumes as well as concerts and plays because you can't get wound up when wearing tie-dye that's this colorful!

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