Guardian Ninja Costume for Girls

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THE DRAGON CLAN'S NEW SHINOBINow, technically, real-life ninjas tried their hardest to blend into the crowd. That meant that they usually just wore the regular clothing of the peasants and servant castes so they could walk around without any real interruption as they listened to secret conversations and plotted to bring down those in power. But, what about the ninja ceremonies? How about when they earn new ninjitsu scrolls? What about Ninja Prom!? Well, for those important ninja moments, they certainly garb up in the looks that we're a little more used to (and excited for). That's where the elegant scarves and night-black hoods come into play. That's where the running along tree branches and flinging exotic weapons turn up. That's where the real stories of the Dragon Clan come from! And, from what we can tell, there is a brand new story about to be written and this one stars your little darling. DESIGN & DETAILSMake sure that your little shinobi is looking the part with the help of our design team's Guardian Ninja Costume. This exclusive look features a black jersey short sleeve top with gold trim that creates a wrapped look. The matching jogging pants have elastic at the waist and ankles and show off a golden printed dragon on the right leg. The gauntlets and belt enhance the look with rich black and gold details, though it will be the hooded face mask that really completes the look. Your little ninja wears the mask around their neck and can pull the fabric up over their face and the hood over their head to complete their shinobi transformation! READY FOR THE MISSIONWhen you gear up your tyke in this Guardian Ninja gear, you will know that all is well-protected from enemy forces. Of course, a few iconic ninja weapons wouldn't hurt to complete the full experience, but the shining gold and deep black of this look will be a thing out of shadowed dreams!

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