Flower Women's Hoodie Dress

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Why Gild the Lilly?Flowers are great. Everyone agrees from the birds to the bees. Flowers have it all. They're beautiful. They're unique. They smell great. They help the bees keep working to pollinate our fruits and veggies, keeping us fed. Yep, flowers are both beautiful and talented. When you're looking for a garden-friendly costume you might as well get straight to the point and dress up as a happy daisy. You'll basically exude happiness with your bright petals and happy leafy hands. And sure, there might be gilded Lillies out there but we highly doubt that they're as happy and energetic as you are!Details & DesignDesigned by our in-house designers, this Made by Us look is wonderful for Earth Day events, plays, and all sorts of costume parties. The fit is comfortable, zipping up the front so that it can be layered over other clothing. With a soft green fabric and fresh color, it's sure to stand out in a crowd. The dress has sleeves that fold over your hands for a petal or leaf-like shapes with leaf veins sewn into the fabric. A leafy collar is attached to the neckline, framing the colorful petaled hood. The hood has lightweight petals to make your costume unmistakably cheery!Sowing the SeedsAre you ready to take on your new flower persona? Try doing the things that flowers like. Take in the morning sun, drink plenty of fresh water, bury your feet in some dirt. It's all about getting into character. And when you're ready, you can finish off your flower ensemble with accessories like green leggings and cheery makeup. Don't want to wear your leafy look solo? No worries, there are all sorts of plant costumes. You know your friend would feel right at home in a sweet pea costume. Start planting your Halloween ideas in your friend's heads by rocking this flower dress at your earliest opportunity.

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