Egyptian Staff

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The Symbol of LifeIt might be simple, but the Ankh is a powerful symbol. It's the loopy shape on the top of this Egyptian Staff Accessory! In Ancient Egypt, the Ankh represented life and a sign of protection. The symbol was often held by pharaohs and gods as a symbol of their power over life and death.Of course, this Egyptian Staff Accessory is just a simple staff. Our costume designers created it to capture the look of classic staves held by deities in the ancient world. It won't give you any power over life and death, but it will add an authentic look to your pharaoh costume!Design & DetailsThis Egyptian Staff brings you a classic look that's perfect with any Ancient Egyptian costume! The staff is made out of molded plastic and comes in 6 separate pieces that twist together to form a full staff. It comes in a metallic gold color and the top piece has an Ankh symbol to give it a powerful look!King Tut to CleoFrom King Tut to Cleopatra, many different pharaohs would rock this simple symbol. That's why if you plan on dressing up like your favorite Egyptian leader, then you'd better bring this staff along with you.

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