Disney Emperor's New Groove Kronk Costume for Men

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A Foodie for a StoogieSo many movies make the villains stooges out to be heartless meatheads. But in the paraphrased words of an entirely different Disney movie, "If only they'd look closer... they'd find out there's so much more to me". You see, Kronk has plenty of respect for his employer. He's happy to help. But when it comes to dark, dastardly deeds that's just not his style! He's more interested in perfecting his culinary skills and hanging out with the angel and devil on his shoulder. Yzma never included cold-blooded murder and poisoning knowledge in her job description. This character just goes to show that doing an incompetent job at being a "lackey" is not that bad. Kronk might be tall and muscly but that's just how he's built. How many times do we have to say that it's what's inside that counts!Product DetailsEvery hilarious character from The Emperors New Groove deserves to be represented, especially the big-hearted, spinach puff loving Kronk. Finish off your cast of characters here because you won't be able to find this exclusive colorful costume anywhere else. The tunic has cartoonish colors with a gold headpiece, gauntlets, and shin guards making it obvious that this fella is from Yzma's high-class household.Let's get ready to jungle!Are you ready to bring back the much loved but underplayed classic The Emperor's New Groove? We're sure that a reunion of the characters will have people quoting this movie's hilarious one-liners in no time. Bring your friends together as Yzma, Kuzco, and this lovable lackey Kronk. We even have llama costumes so someone can dress up as Kuzco post "poisoning". Whether you're humming the toon to Mission Impossible or teaching scouts how to speak chipmunk, you're sure to have a groovy Halloween!

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