Bone Pin Stripe Men's Suit  Costume

Bone Pin Stripe Men's Suit Costume

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Mr. Fancy BonesSir Bones Bentley Buckingham III doesn’t wear just anything (he’s the lovely gentleman modeling the nice suit in the image above). No, no, no! He dares not touch clothing like shorts, jeans, or other such garments of the common folk. He requires the apparel of the utmost elegance, even during the trying times of the Halloween season. Costume? Absolutely not! He wouldn’t dare think of wearing one. So, then… what does a man like Sir Bones Bentley Buckingham III wear when it comes time to show his Halloween spirit?He wears the illustrious pin-stripe bone suit! It combines the chilling sensation of skeletons with the delicious and elegant feeling of wearing a fancy suit. Now, you too can be like Sir Bones Bentley Buckingham III when you wear this Bone Pin Stripe Suit.Product DetailsThis fancy looking suit helps you look like one frightening character. It comes with a black jacket that has padded shoulders and a 2-button style front. The exterior has a pin-stripe pattern, except it has a bevy of bones instead of true stripes. The jacket also features 2 handy pockets that allow you to store a few of your fine accouterments! The matching pants have belt loops, a button front, and a zip fly. The suit also comes with a bone print tie, not white like the one that Sir Buckingham III is wearing in the image. If you want to look like Bones, then you’re going to need to use one of your very own white ties!Maximize Your FancinessTo really maximize your elegance, be sure to add a nice cane and a pair of skeleton gloves to your look. It’s the easiest way to get scary without being a forced to wear inelegant clothes like all those ruffians out there!

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