DC Wonder Woman Logo Car Magnet

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Be Like DianaWant to be a little more like Wonder Woman? It's a lot easier than you might think! You don't need super strength. You don't need to be descended from gods. You don't even need some kind of crazy, golden lasso that makes bad guys tell the truth! All you really need to be more like her is the right kind of attitude and a strong will.Wonder Woman always stands her ground against evil and shows compassion to those in need. She values peace and love above all else, but she's not afraid of a fight when the cause is righteous. That might seem like a very tall order, but if you have the determination, then you can start acting like Diana during your everyday actions. Perhaps all you need is a little daily reminder to be more like her!Fun DetailsThis Wonder Woman magnet acts as the perfect reminder to be more like the DC superhero in your daily life. It features her symbol on the front and a magnetic back. It can be placed on your car, on your refrigerator, or anywhere else that could use a little extra touch of Wonder Woman.Gift IdeaLooking for a quick and easy gift idea for the Wonder Woman fan in your life? This magnet is a great addition to any fan's collection of DC gear!

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