Women's Dazzling Diva Costume

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A Whole Lotta Razzle DazzleShiny; a word that describes your sense of style and magnetic personality. One definition states shiny as, "being filled with light." What a fantastic way to describe you! The light inside you burns bright, resulting in people flocking to you for companionship, laughter and advice. Others feel their best whenever they're in your presence so you have more friends than you can count. Everyone wants to feel the light radiating from within. Making people feel their best is a treasured and enigmatic quality, but you make it look so easy.A radiant woman, such as yourself, should always be clad in an ensemble emphasizing her beaming personality AKA wear sparkly clothing and wear it often! Halloween is no exception. Amaze the masses in a dazzling diva costume, displaying a holographic glimmer while showcasing upscale 70s style. Everyone wants to do the hustle with a lady wearing shimmering fabric with a matching shimmering personality. Then again, even if you were sporting a potato sack, people would still storm the dance floor to hang out with you! DESIGN & DETAILS        Our team of dedicated designers not only studied every Studio 54 video they could find on the internet, they also corresponded with enchanting ladies such as yourself to come up with the entrancing costume you see here. The high-quality and durable women's dazzling diva costume comes with a holographic jumpsuit, which reflects a prismatic rainbow whenever a disco ball is hovering from above. The flared bell-bottom pants encompass the signature style of 70s men and women alike. The sash enhances your figure while a long slit down both the front and back of the costume creates a captivating edginess other 70s costumes lack. Perfect for boogying the night away! CRYSTAL VISIONS         Play up the iridescent costume and your shiny personality with key accessories. Pick up the disco ball handbag and feathered blonde wig to complete the look.    

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