Men's Opposuit Winter Pac Man Suit

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The Ghost of Christmas PastLet us take you back. Yes, back to a time before time. A time when video games weren't on the phone of every person in the world. It was a time when you had to put this thing called a "quarter" inside of a large cabinet machine just to play a video game. And if your Pac-Man died to a frenzied ghost... well, you just had to put more quarters inside of the machine to keep playing. That's why Christmas was important! You'd save up all of your cash from Christmas cards, take it all down to the arcade and exchange it for as many quarters as possible so you had a chance at the high score!Well, this Opposuit Winter Pac-Man Suit combines those nasty ghosts of yore, the little yellow pellet-eating dude, and plenty of Christmas cheer to create a unique suit experience for you.Product DetailsThis Pac-Man Suit is one of Opposuits' many wild creations designed to add an exciting twist to normal, drab suits. It comes with a suit jacket, a pair of pants, and a necktie, each of which has a design based on the classic arcade game, Pac-Man. It features the yellow guy himself, along with a few ghosts and plenty of snowflake designs. The jacket is a two-button style front with faux pocket flaps in the front. The pants have a button and hook closure with a zip fly front. The pants may require some tailoring to acquire a perfect fit, but they are intentionally a bit long to accommodate alterations. Finally, the tie adds the finishing touch to the suit, so make sure you practice up on your Windsor knot skills.A Pac Among MenThis Pac-Man Opposuit mixes the world of video games with the holidays, making it the perfect outfit to wear during any ugly Christmas sweater party. You will truly be a Pac among men!

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